Hi, If you made it to this page, it means that you are interested in Playing the new

FIREFAN GAME.  All our Sports Leagues are called BEASTS.  So look for NFL Beasts, or NBA Beasts, or MLB Beasts, etc.  We will be expanding to most other sports soon,

check back for my other leagues or text me at 412.628.0341

You can now download the App from your App store, then enter Code PIT to get FREE tokens to try the game.  If you prefer a website instead, go to www.firefan.com and enter "PIT".  It will prompt you for your name and ask you a few questions, then you will be given the game!!!  

You can easily share the game with your friends right from your game itself!!!

If you don't want to buy tokens to play, you can earn them by recommending the game through the App to your friends, watching commercials or doing a survey!