You can use this simple App to:

1) Keep all your contacts and info in one simple place!

2) Track your conversations and notes, and set future appointments.

3) Be notified when it's time to call them back.

This App puts you in control of your Schedule without the messy notebook or index cards that get mixed up and clutter your area!

I have created this app due to my needs and think that it can help you also! 

New Training Videos!     More coming soon! 

These are sample screenshots from the App!

It's HERE!!!  The most amazing APP that can Organize and Track your Daily Appointments and Life on your Android Phone!!! 

(Apple version soon) 

It's NOW AVAILABLE AND IS FREE !!!   The app has been published on Google Play store and is AVAILABLE NOW !!!!!!

Search for EZ TRACK AND REMIND to find it!     It's time to help your get your life organized!!!

You can now put the paper away!!!!   This app will keep all your friends, family and contacts, their info and statuses, and will remind you when you are supposed to contact them!