This page will be used for upcoming items, virus and spyware updates, and just general HOW TOs.


POP-UP SCREEN - I have received over 15 calls on a "POP-UP" on the screen from Microsoft (others too).   This POP-UP takes over the computer and tells you that you have to call a number to get help.  

DO NOT call the number!!!!!!!!!!!!!   This is a SCAM company that will say that they are Microsoft and will then try to "SELL" you a solution to fix your problems (they make things up).   If you allow them to take control of your computer (remotely), they will show you things and tell you things that are not true in an effort to get your to "BUY" their solution. 

HOW TO FIX THIS -  Immediately after getting this POP-UP,   Turn your machine off (unplug it or hold the power key down (8 to 10 seconds), until it shuts off.)    Then, unplug your router from your internet provider (Comcast, Verizon, etc) for 5 minutes.   Plug the router back in, wait 5 minutes, then turn your computer on.   Once Windows reloads, run Malwarebytes immediately.  

This should fix the issue.

If you let them on your machine, I will need to see the machine to clean off the software they install.   This is $85.00 plus tax so I don't think you want to pay this unless you have to.    DO NOT let them on your machine!!!!!!


If your Firefox Home page changes away from Yahoo or Google (or whichever you want to be your home page)

Up at the top, click on Tools, then Options, Look for "Home page",  in the Space below the words, delete what is in there and place whatever your want as your Hope page into that area ( or  - whatever page you want to start at)

Close that Tab by clicking the X at the top of that page or close Firefox completely.

Now Open Firefox, you should have your homepage back.   If not, call me when I'm open and I can help!


Malwarebytes fix to set it back to the FREE Version

Load Malware Bytes first, then Click on Settings, then the Account Details tab (top right), at the bottom click on Deactivate Premium Trial, Yes, Yes.

If asked, Choose I don't need real-time protection, Ok, Yes